Module 2: Checkpoint 9—Contact us

Conformance: Mandatory


Each website must have a contact us page, linked from the site utilities.

The contact us page must contain these contact methods (where appropriate):

  • counter locations
  • telephone numbers
  • fax numbers
  • postal addresses
  • email addresses.

*Where there is a recognised international audience, an agency should provide additional international dialling information.

Benefits of conformance

  • Users ( ) expect to be able to contact agencies directly through a variety of channels.
  • Users can easily locate contact information regardless of the website they are visiting.
  • Users should be able to access information / content without additional cost/effort.

Risks of non-conformance

  • The user experience is negatively affected if a user has questions and has no way to present these to the business owner of the website.
  • Reduces access to information/content.
  • Users seek alternative, more expensive channels.