Module 2: Checkpoint 18—Page title

Conformance: Mandatory


The page title within the content section must be styled as a heading 1 <h1> in HTML.

The page title within the content section must have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1.

The page title and page title element must be in sentence case, not title case.

The page title element must start with the most specific information (e.g. content page title) and end in the least specific information (e.g. Queensland Government).

Benefits of conformance

  • Use of correct HTML heading tags enables screen readers to identify page headings.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Decreased accessibility for users of assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Implementation advice


Page title within the content area

Correct implementation

Correct implementation

Incorrect implementation:
Title case has been used instead of sentence case.

Incorrect implementation:
The heading is being displayed as an image.

Incorrect implementation: The colour contrast of the page title is 2.3:1. For large text it must be a minimum of 3:1.

Page title element examples

This example is for the homepage 'Queensland Government'.

This example is for a deeper page within the site and starts with the page title (Government).