Module 2: Checkpoint 4—Campaign websites

Conformance: Mandatory


For major campaign websites, the site name must be the campaign name.

For major campaigns, the site name must be in the campaign font style, but must not contain a logo.

This means the campaign name may be displayed as an image. The alternative text on this image must use the same text that is displayed in the image.

Benefits of conformance

  • Use of major campaign names and styles increases alignment with offline marketing activities, while still ensuring compliance with the CUE Standard.

Implementation advice


Correct example . The site name must be in the campaign font style, but must not contain a logo

Correct example. Campaign name displayed as an image

More information

Alternative logos must not be created for projects, business units or departmental divisions without written authorisation from Communication Services, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Exemptions are provided in certain circumstances; for example specific legislative requirements, some major whole-of-government projects (e.g. Q150) and joint state-federal initiatives.

Minor campaigns must be presented as a section of an agency website, using the agency site look and feel, with the campaign name being the content title (heading 1) for a single page campaign; or site section title for a campaign with multiple web pages.