Module 2: Checkpoint 24—Asides

Conformance: Optional (Mandatory if used)


The asides element must be located as a column on the right hand side of the screen beside the content area (at medium to large desktop resolutions), regardless of whether content is placed in this element.

Note: some content types may not require the display of an asides column e.g. applications and maps.

The width of this area must be identical for all sites as defined within the CUE template.

Asides content must be displayed consistently where used within a website.

On pages other than homepages, the following types of information may be displayed (but only where relevant to the page content):

  • Services
  • Consultations ('Have your say')
  • Resources, e.g. factsheets etc.

Note: these are examples only.

Benefits of conformance

  • Provides additional cues for users requiring more information i.e. 'where can I go to now?'

Risks of non-conformance

  • Users may not have gotten the answer they were looking for from just the content. Without this extra information they may not get what they need and so may view the experience negatively.

Implementation advice


Correct implementation: Asides element with content.

Correct implementation: Asides column without content.