Module 2: Checkpoint 23—Online services

Conformance: Optional (Mandatory if online services are available)


Services provided by an agency should be listed at the top of the asides area on the right side of the homepage.

The title of this element must be 'Services'.

Preference should be given to promoting online services; however agencies may choose to include offline services, depending on the requirements of their target audience.

Where content pages have services directly related to the content, these services should appear at the top of the asides area for that content page. (Refer to checkpoint 24 - Asides)

For online services, the name of the service must link directly to the first screen for that service.

Benefits of conformance

  • By providing easy access to services, the public can quickly locate and complete services online, without having to call, email, or visit a counter.
  • This can save valuable time for both your agency and the public, and can lead to better customer service.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Users may migrate to other more expensive channels to complete services e.g. call centre or counter.

Implementation advice


Correct implementation


Where websites contain a number of online services, it is appropriate that the services element on the homepage would contain the most-used services.

Refer to checkpoint 24 - Asides for how to display services on pages other than the homepage.