Module 2: Checkpoint 21—Last updated date

Conformance: Mandatory


The last updated date must appear directly after the main content.

The last updated date must be displayed as 'Last updated dd: (or d) Month yyyy'.

The last updated date element must appear on all content pages (e.g. not the homepage).

The last updated date element must be left aligned and in roman type, not italics.

The last updated date must not appear in the footer.

Benefits of conformance

  • Increases trust and credibility.
  • Provides advice to the user how current the information is.

Risks of non-conformance

  • No updated date may decrease confidence in the accuracy or relevance of the information presented.
  • Users may migrate to other more expensive channels, such as phone.

Implementation advice


Correct implementation: Left aligned, roman type, correct date format

Incorrect implementation: Text and date format is incorrect

Incorrect implementation: Title case used.

Incorrect implementation:
Title case has been used and the date format is wrong.

Incorrect implementation: Comma should not be used.