Module 2: Checkpoint 19—Page options

Conformance: Desirable (Mandatory if page options are used)


Websites should include page options on content pages.

Page options should, at a minimum be presented as text links without icons, however if agencies choose to use icons in addition to the text links, they must use the set of icons included in the CUE template.

The following page options, if used, must be located in the page options (pre-content) area, right aligned, directly underneath the Heading 1 page title; and repeated in the page options (post-content) area, left-aligned. (Refer to the content diagram.)

Page options must be listed in this order:

  • Print  (or Printable version)
  • Email
  • Share
  • Subscribe

Agencies may choose to include 'Rate this page'. If used, 'rate this page' or page-specific feedback must display within the post-content page options area, after the above options (e.g. print etc.).

Benefits of conformance

  • Provides additional functionality for the user.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Does not provide a consistent experience.

Implementation advice


More information

A risk assessment must be performed if agencies choose to implement 'Share' functionality.