Module 5: Search results presentation

The requirements in this module provides detailed requirements for the presentation of 'simple search results' and 'no search results' pages. This includes the placement and formatting of 'featured search' results and spelling suggestions.

The elements within this module must be implemented consistently across all Queensland Government websites.

This module covers:

  • standard CUE elements to be implemented on search results pages
  • formatting of search box group
  • result set descriptions
  • search result entries
  • pagination
  • formatting of featured search results
  • search tips


Simple search - page results
1Title tagMandatory
2Page header and footerMandatory
3Three-column layoutMandatory
5Site utilities search boxMandatory
6Page title (heading)Mandatory
7Search box groupMandatory
8Search scopeMandatory
9Result set descriptionMandatory
10Search result entriesMandatory
11Search result titleMandatory
12File size and typeMandatory
14Information lineMandatory
15Pagination - Moving between results pageMandatory
No search results
16No search results pagesMandatory
17Featured search resultsMandatory
18Spelling suggestions (if relevant)Desirable
19No search results message textMandatory
20Search tipsMandatory
21Alternative search optionsMandatory
22Alternative 'no search results' message textMandatory
Featured search results pages
23Featured search resultMandatory
Spelling suggestions
24Spelling suggestions displayMandatory