Module 5: Checkpoint 12—File size and type

Conformance: Mandatory


Required format:

  • Text size must be greater than the description/summary text size (within accessibility guidelines).
  • Must be part of the search result title hyperlink, styled so that it does not display as part of the link.
  • Must be enclosed in brackets (parentheses).
  • Must be in the format ( 'filetype', 'numeric size', 'unit of measure') e.g. (PPT, 1.7MB).
  • File unit must be in capitals e.g. KB, MB, GB.

Required placement:

  • File type indicator must be included as the second element of the search result title line, after the title but before any additional elements such as the 'featured search' '(Recommended)', refer figure 13.

Implementation advice


Figure shows the file size and type located directly after the search result title

Figure 13: 'Simple search' results page—File size and type