Module 5: Checkpoint 23—Featured search results

Conformance: Mandatory


'Featured search' results are recommended results displayed on a search results page when the search terms match predefined conditions.

Required format:

  • Must have '(Recommended)' as the last element in the Search result title line.
  • '(Recommended)' must have a text size less than or equal to the Search result title text size (within accessibility guidelines).
  • Must not have a heading (e.g. Featured results:).
  • 'Spelling suggestions' appearing on 'featured search' results pages must be displayed as per Checkpoint 18—Spelling suggestions.

Required placement:

  • 'Featured search' results must be displayed below the Search box group and above the Result set description, refer to figure 26.

Implementation advice

Figure 26: Search result page with a 'featured search' result