Module 5: Checkpoint 9—Result set description

Conformance: Mandatory


The result set description advises the user of the total number of results returned for their search and which of these results is being displayed on the page.

For example:

Displaying search results 11–20 of 23,467 for jobs

This example indicates that 23,467 results were returned and that results 11 through 20 of these are being displayed on the search results page.

Required format:

  • must indicate the range of the results currently displayed on the page, the total number of results, and the search terms used.

e.g. Displaying search results 1–10 of 23,467 for jobs

In the example, range of results is 1–10, total number of results is 23,467 and jobs is the search term.

  • bold text must be used to indicate the results range, results total and search terms.
  • an en dash must be used between the numbers in the results range.

e.g. Displaying search results 1–10 of 23,467 for 'search terms'

(refer Queensland Government Style Guide p.109)

  • must place single horizontal lines above and below result set description

Required placement:

  • result set description must be displayed at the top of the page below the search box group, refer figure 10.

Implementation advice


Figure shows the result set description located under the search scope radio buttons

Figure 10: 'Simple search' results page—Result set description