Module 5: Checkpoint 11—Search result title

Conformance: Mandatory


The search result title is linked to the search result and provides a brief description of the search result.

Required format:

  • Must be hyperlinked to the search result.
  • Text size must be greater than the description/summary text size (within accessibility guidelines).
  • Must use the best title source available from result destination (e.g. DC.Title where possible).
  • Must include the file size and type element for non-web pages only (e.g. PPT, DOC, PDF). Refer to Checkpoint 12—File size and type for further detail.

Required placement:

  • The search result title must comprise the first element of the first line of the search result entry, refer figure 12.

Implementation advice


Figure shows the search result title at the start of each search result entry

Figure 12: 'Simple search' results page—Search result title