Module 5: Checkpoint 15—Pagination

Conformance: Mandatory


The pagination provides the user with links to assist with navigating through the search results pages.

Required format:

  • Must display a linked page number for each search results page.
  • Must display 10 search results pages at a time unless there are fewer than 10 pages of results.
  • The current page number must not be linked.
  • Must provide next and previous links at either end of the pagination element and must use the terms 'Next' and 'Previous' for these.
  • The first search results page must not display the 'Previous' link.
  • The last search results page must not display the 'Next' link.
  • All other search results pages must have both 'Next' and 'Previous'.

Required placement:

  • The pagination element must be displayed at the bottom of the search results page below last search result item, refer to figure 16.

Implementation advice


Figure shows the display format of the URL, with no hyperlinking or underlining

Figure 16: 'Simple search' results page—Pagination