Module 7: Online video

The requirements in this module provides detailed requirements for the presentation and accessibility of online video.

The elements within this module must be implemented consistently across all Queensland Government websites.

This module covers:

  • appropriate use of online video
  • equivalent alternatives for auditory and visual content
  • user control
  • keyboard access
  • display size
  • browser support for video
  • provision of open formats
  • optimisation of video files
  • presentation of long videos
  • online performance measurement of video.


Module 7—Online video
1Video on Queensland Government websitesMandatory
2Adding valueMandatory
3Equivalent alternatives for auditory and visual contentMandatory
4User controlMandatory
5Keyboard accessMandatory
6Display sizeMandatory
7Browser supportMandatory
8Video formatDesirable
9File optimisationMandatory
10Long videosMandatory
11Online performance measurementDesirable