Module 4: Online forms

The requirements in this module provides the detailed requirements for the design of online transaction services for Queensland Government.

The elements within this module must be implemented consistently across all Queensland Government websites.

This module covers:

  • required fields
  • content blocks
  • form layout
  • user input errors
  • radio buttons and checkboxes.


Checkpoint Name Conformance
1 Form controls Mandatory
2 Logical source order Mandatory
3 User input validation Mandatory
4 Process completion Mandatory
Checkpoint Name Conformance
5 Usability testing Mandatory
6 Opt-in Mandatory
Action buttons and links
Checkpoint Name Conformance
7 Primary actions Mandatory
8 Secondary actions Desirable
9 Terminology Desirable
Required fields
Checkpoint Name Conformance
10 Mandatory fields Mandatory
11 Field indicators Desirable
12 Field notices Mandatory
13 Label placement Mandatory
14 Personal information Mandatory
15 Optional form fields Mandatory
Content blocks
Checkpoint Name Conformance
16 Content blocks Mandatory
17 Placement of content blocks Mandatory
18 Content block titles Desirable
Form layout
Checkpoint Name Conformance
19 Grouping information types Mandatory
20 Read-only data Mandatory
21 Progressive disclosure Desirable
User input errors
Checkpoint Name Conformance
22 Input error messages Mandatory
23 Form input Mandatory
24 Incorrect form fields Mandatory
25 Standardise error messages Mandatory
26 Placement of error messages Desirable
Radio buttons and check boxes
Checkpoint Name Conformance
27 Radio buttons Mandatory
28 Check boxes Mandatory
29 Positioning of labels Mandatory
30 Radio buttons and check box options Desirable
31 Horizontal presentations Mandatory
32 Radio button options Desirable
Appendix Name
1 Example screens
2 Reserved terminology