The Utilities sub-category in General Goods and Services manages the large and small site electricity arrangements and the metering and data services arrangement.

The category negotiates the buying on behalf of customers under a consolidated whole-of-government portfolio with 1 supplier for each arrangement.

Standing offer arrangements (SOAs)

The category manages 3 SOAs which aim to maximise savings and, through the aggregation of sites, provides government agencies with value for money. The SOAs include:

  • Retail and Wholesale Electricity for large market sites
  • Retail Electricity for small market sites
  • Metering and Data Services

Retail and wholesale electricity (large site)

The arrangement consists of retail services (GGS0056-18) and a long-term wholesale agreement (GGS0055-18) for large market sites with usage over 100,000 kWh/annum.

To join, new customers must execute a retail agreement and Deed Poll (wholesale agreement) with CS Energy.

The retail service is a simple cost to serve mechanism of $/NMI/month.

The wholesale energy price is a base price with each customer having its own pricing factor. The factor is based on the customer's consumption and the wholesale energy price during daily periods, resulting in an adjustment of the base price.

Renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements are incorporated into the arrangement with a target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 to support Queensland Government objectives.

Read more about GGS0055-18 and GGS0056-18 on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

Retail electricity (small site)

The arrangement provides electricity to small market sites (QGP0058-19) located mainly in South East Queensland and some selected areas in regional Queensland with usage under 100,000 kWh/annum.

To join, new customers must execute a retail electricity agreement with Shell Energy (formerly ERM Power).

Pricing is based on 'network pass through' unbundled pricing which separates the retail component from the network component. The retail component is fixed, and network costs are passed through and displayed as separate components on the invoice.

The arrangement provides the option of site specific or consolidated billing and early payment discounts. Green Power is incorporated into the arrangement and increases over the term of the arrangement.

Read more about QGP0058-19 on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

Metering and data services

The arrangement (GGS0067-20) covers contestable customer metering (large sites), non-market customer metering (small sites), electricity sub-metering, temporary metering as well as water and gas sub-metering.

The supplier also offers access to metering data through an on-line portal providing a variety of reports and graphs that can be downloaded for internal use.

To join, new customers must execute a Metering and Data Services Agreement with Yurika Metering.

Read more about GGS0067-20 on the Queensland Contracts Directory.