Contingent workforce

The Contingent workforce sub-category in General goods and services manages the preferred supplier panel for the provision of temporary and contracted workers. The category provides arrangements which create opportunities for suppliers of all types enabling customers to easily deliver on the requirements of the Queensland Procurement Policy and agency priorities.

Temporary and Contracted Workers Preferred Supplier Panel (PSP)

This whole-of-government arrangement (GGS0060) is for the engagement of temporary and contracted workers in the following categories:

  • Administration
  • Community
  • ICT
  • Infrastructure, Construction and Maintenance
  • Scientific and Technical

The PSP includes a diverse set of suppliers including Queensland small and medium enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses, enabling buyers to meet Government targets and commitments.

A full range of resources have been developed for buyers and can be found on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

Read more about GGS0060 on the Queensland Contracts directory.

Resource Manager Service (RMS)

The RMS arrangement (CPO79811) provides expertise in contingent workforce management through relationship managers, who are highly skilled recruitment professionals, supported by a team of HR and recruitment specialists. This service is not mandatory to use to access suppliers on the preferred supplier panel.

Benefits can be realised in several areas:

  • value for money talent acquisition
  • data and business intelligence
  • efficiencies and compliance.

The RMS provides centralised management of temporary and contracted workers and the suppliers that provide those services to Queensland Government agencies and other eligible Government entities under the GGS0060 Temporary and Contracted Workers Preferred Supplier Panel.

Read more about CPO79811 on the Queensland Contracts Directory.