How to buy General goods and services

Follow this process to purchase from a supplier under a GGS standing offer arrangement.

Step 1: Search for the goods or services you need

The easiest way to buy goods and services is using a supplier under an existing whole-of-government standing offer arrangement (SOA). These suppliers are prequalified, so you can contact them directly for quotes.

Search for the goods or services you need to find the relevant SOA listing. All SOAs (including the GGS list) can be found on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

Each SOA listing includes buyer guides, schedules and pricing information. Some agency arrangements may not be available across government. Contact the agency's procurement area directly if you are interested in using one of their arrangements.

Getting quotes

The number of quotes you need varies under each SOA and your agency's procurement policy. You can see the requirements in the relevant SOA's buyer's guide or fact sheet.

You can also use the value/risk matrix (VRM) to determine the number of quotes you should seek. The VRM shows the complexity associated with procuring the service.

Step 2: Choose a supplier

Most SOAs have a supplier matrix to help you choose a supplier. The supplier matrix outlines:

Step 3: Proceed to purchase

Issuing a contract

Once you choose the preferred supplier, follow your agency's procurement procedures to issue a contract. This generally includes:

  • obtaining appropriate approvals from the relevant delegate (financial and procurement)
  • ensuring your order is compliant with the General Contract Terms and Conditions, or other conditions, deemed appropriate by your agency's procurement procedures. Be very clear about deliverables and payment milestones
  • referring to your agency's finance guidelines on how to raise a purchase order, referencing the SOA number and emailing the purchase order to the supplier's authorised representative
  • filing all documentation as per your agency's record management requirements
  • managing payments in accordance with your agency's Financial Management Practice Manual (FMPM).

Your procurement team can use specific documents but always quote the SOA number.

More information

Find out how to buy for government, including using whole-of-government SOAs and going to market if the SOA process isn't available for your good or service.


Email or contact your agency procurement lead.