About General goods and services

The General goods and services (GGS) category includes general, tangible and consumable products (goods) and services. The group aims to deliver easy-to-use procurement arrangements that provides real value and tangible benefits for Queensland communities.

The GGS category includes sub-categories that cover:

  • Furniture and fittings
  • Office supplies
    • General office supplies, catering/kitchen and cleaning/janitorial consumables
  • Employee services
    • Salary packaging administrative services
    • Novated leasing services
    • Workplace health services (employee assistance services, employee health services, workplace interventions, early intervention program services, vicarious trauma and related services)
  • Logistics
    • Courier and freight services
    • Relocations
    • Records management
    • Language services
  • Marketing services
    • Creative services
    • Media monitoring
    • Market and social research
    • Secure print
  • Professional services
    • Finance, audit and economic consultancy services
    • Human resource consultancy services
    • Management and policy consultancy services
    • Probity and procurement consultancy services
    • Legal services
  • Contingent workforce
    • Temporary and contracted workers (administration, community, information and communication technology, infrastructure, construction and maintenance, scientific and technical)
    • Resource manager service
    • Vendor management system
  • Travel
    • Travel management company services
    • Online travel booking tool
    • Accommodation brokerage services
    • Airline arrangements (Qantas, Virgin, Cathay Pacific and Regional Express)
    • Air charter and aerial work services
    • Vehicle rental
    • International emergency assistance
    • International business travel insurance
  • Utilities
    • Electricity (large and small sites)
    • Metering and data services
  • Motor vehicle leasing and fleet management
    • Purchase of vehicles, vehicle maintenance, service and fuel needs
  • Food and beverage
    • Groceries, dairy and beverage goods

Available whole-of-government arrangements

Use the GGS search tool to find an existing arrangement or review the Queensland Contracts Directory:

If you can't find an arrangement for the product/service you need, you may need to go to market to find it. A range of tender and contract templates are available to help you navigate this process.