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What is the Ready Reserve?

Make a meaningful difference to Queenslanders

When disasters happen in Queensland, it’s the Community Recovery Ready Reserve that steps in to support vulnerable individuals and families.

The Community Recovery Ready Reserve is a group of public service volunteers working away from their regular roles to assist with disaster recovery. Ready Reserves are sent into a disaster area once emergency responders have declared it safe and suitable for recovery operations to begin.

We respond to disaster in all its forms: from floods, fires and cyclones to breakouts of disease.

To work with disaster impacted communities effectively, we deliver coordinated human and social recovery services through District and State Recovery Event Management Teams working in regionally based coordination centres, outreach services, recovery hubs, corporate support and the Brisbane-based operations.

Who can join

A diverse workforce with a range of backgrounds and experiences is key to helping Queensland’s diverse and multicultural communities that may be especially vulnerable after a disaster.

We need people:

  • of all ages
  • from all backgrounds
  • who can speak a language other than English.

There are a range of roles available and your agency key contact can provide more information.

Your role

Being part of the Ready Reserve workforce gives you the opportunity to deliver much needed support and assistance to people in need, demonstrating compassion and understanding in trying times. You will learn about the government's role in Community Recovery while gaining new skills and experiences.

The diverse opportunities available means there’s something to suit everyone. You can:

  • be deployed to the disaster-impacted area where you work directly with community members, or
  • work in Brisbane behind the scenes in operational or corporate support roles.

Find out more about the role you can play as part of the Ready Reserve.

How to join

To join the Community Recovery Ready Reserve, you must:

  1. get support and endorsement from your line manager – nomination-management endorsement form (DOCX, 18.6 KB)
  2. complete the Ready Reserve Management System registration
  3. complete the mandatory online learning program.

An agency key contact approves your registration to become a ready reserve member.

About deployment

Information about being deployed to help with an event activation is available in the Ready Reserve Welcome Pack (PDF, 9.3 MB) .


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