What happens during an activation

Learn about the disaster recovery stages that take place when a disaster happens in Queensland, and how we’ll keep you informed if needed for deployment.

Levels of Event activation

The triggers to activate recovery in Queensland are:


The ‘Alert’ phase signals a Community Recovery operation may be required. We will give you information about what’s happening.

During the alert phase you should:

  • let your line manager know about the possibility of deployment
  • use the Ready Reserve Management System (RRMS) to make sure your information is up to date. To update your personal or employment details:
    1. Log in to RRMS
    2. Select My Profile
    3. Update your information
    4. Select Save before exiting.

Lean forward

The ‘Lean forward’ phase is a heightened state of awareness and operational readiness.

We’ll ask you to confirm your availability for possible deployment during a nominated time period. You must:

  • immediately discuss the possibility of deployment with your line manager
  • use the Ready Reserve Management System (RRMS) to update your availability:
    1. Log in to RRMS
    2. Select My Profile. Be sure to check your contact details are also current
    3. Select Qualifications
    4. Click the drop-down arrow next to each timeframe to select your availability, or reasons why you’re not available.

Stand up

The ‘Stand up’ phase indicates a disaster event activation is in place. This is when resources are mobilised, personnel are activated and operational activities start.

We’ll send you an email asking you log onto your profile page in RRMS and indicate your deployment availability or otherwise and confirm your deployment lead time. Please respond promptly.

Community Recovery Ready Reserve personnel are deployed during the ‘Stand up’ phase. The Community Recovery Event Coordinator will notify the State Recovery Event Management Team via email and SMS of Community Recovery moving to ‘Stand up’. You will then be notified via email by the Ready Reserve Management Team of ‘Stand up’ which will allow deployment to start.

Stand down

Transitioning back to core business.

We’ll let you know when the disaster impacted region has been stood down and deployments have ceased.


If you have indicated you’re available for deployment, we’ll call to confirm you are ready. We’ll then send you a deployment email, to both your work and home email, containing:

  • the period of your deployment and your scheduled return to your usual workplace
  • your assigned Community Recovery location and key points of contact
  • important workplace health and safety information
  • Community Recovery Timesheet and relevant claim forms.

If you’re travelling away from home you’ll receive a second email with travel and accommodation details.

You must forward the deployment email to your line manager to inform them of your absence from your usual workplace.

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