7. Management of internal changes

Changes within agencies' office accommodation involving office alterations, including changes to the layout of workstations, require professional design and documentation. Relevant approvals must be obtained, including:

  • certification of Building Act compliance
  • technical project approval
  • building owner approval.

The Department of Energy and Public Works (EPW) will initiate these approval processes when appointed as consultant. In other cases, it is the responsibility of agencies, their service providers, or consultants, to obtain these approvals.

These projects also need to be assessed against project benchmarks as part of the Approval procedure for government office accommodation projects (PDF, 597 KB) . These project approval requirements are described in Guideline 3: Fitout.

The procedures for making changes to accommodation involving the acquisition of additional area or reduction in area are described in Guideline 2: Space.

7.1 Building user guide

The Accommodation Office has also produced a Building user guide (BUG) (PDF, 159 KB) template for use within each government-owned building. Its aim is to provide details regarding the everyday operation of a typical government office building and green initiatives incorporated into its design. The purpose is to help property managers, contractors and occupants understand in detail what they need to do to operate the facility correctly while minimising energy use.

Agencies considering accommodation changes must ensure operational issues as indicated under the BUG are incorporated into the fitout design as part of the building owner approval process. This guide was developed to assist agencies with:

  • facility management practices
  • security and waste processes
  • reducing time in development and delivery of fitouts
  • reducing energy consumption
  • providing a healthy work environment.

Further information, including building-specific guides, can be obtained from EPW.