About Guideline 2

Guideline 2: Space is the second of 4 OAMF guidelines (Guideline 1: Planning, Guideline 2: Space, Guideline 3: Fitout, and Guideline 4: Occupancy) that support the Office Accommodation Management Framework (OAMF). The OAMF integrates policies, process, activities and guidelines for agencies to establish:

  • office accommodation needs
  • acquire and fit out suitable space
  • utilise that space effectively
  • manage the accommodation-change (churn) process.


The purpose of this guideline is to:

  • provide advice and support to agencies in relation to the management of their office space in order to assist them to align their accommodation with service delivery needs on a continuing basis
  • describe the procedures involved in acquiring, reducing and reconfiguring office space
  • describe the role and activities of EPW in office-space management.


This section focuses on the policy, processes and procedures involved in:

  • acquiring new or additional office space in government-owned or 'major-leased' buildings
  • acquiring private-sector leased space
  • reducing space through rationalisation, consolidation and/or collocation
  • vacating space
  • sub-leasing and/or assigning office space leased from the private sector in 'other leased'
  • reconfiguring office space.

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