1. Conditions of occupancy

Agencies occupy government-owned office accommodation and office accommodation leased from the private sector under Cabinet-approved policy and guidelines. These occupancy arrangements are described in the Framework Policy section. The Department of Energy and Public Works (EPW) assumes the role of building owner for the government office buildings that it controls and is the lessee for all non-specialised leased sites.

Agencies act as the occupant under the occupancy details schedule for government accommodation between EPW and agencies, which sets out the roles and responsibilities of agencies and the Queensland Government Accommodation Office (QGAO).

The occupancy details schedule encompasses all office accommodation occupied by each agency in all government-owned and other leased buildings. Occupancy of space in each separate building is established through an occupancy details schedule that sets out the specific details related to each premises such as area and rent.

The occupancy details schedule will be the prevailing document in the event of any inconsistency or conflict. However, in the event of a conflict between the occupancy agreement and the lease for a leased building, the provisions of the head lease shall prevail. An occupant in a leased building must comply with the terms, conditions and covenants of the head lease.

1.1 Occupancy of specialised buildings

If the nature of the premises occupied by agencies is significantly specialised to meet their needs, this may trigger additional financial accounting obligations for occupying agencies to comply with current financial accounting standards. Agencies should consult with EPW and their Queensland Audit Office auditor if they have concluded their premises is specialised.