53 Albert Street rooms for hire

We have 3 training rooms (which can be combined into 1 large room), and 3 meeting rooms available, located on Level 17.

Room capacity and layouts

These capacities cannot be exceeded, due to building regulations, fire emergency and workplace health and safety standards.

Meeting rooms

The 3 meeting rooms are only available as a boardroom layout. Room capacity is:

  • 14 people in rooms 2 and 3
  • 18 people in room 4.

Training rooms

There are 3 training rooms available, which can be combined for larger groups.

LayoutDescription1 room capacity2 rooms capacity3 rooms capacity
Theatre Rows of chairs facing the front ​60 ​120 180​
Workshop Tables and chairs, with 5 to 8 chairs to a table (talk to the conference room coordinator about your requirements) 45​ ​90 135​
Board A boardroom set-up, with chairs around 1 large table 20​ Not available​ Not available​
Square Tables set up to form a large square, with chairs around the outside and an empty space in the middle 30​ Not available​ Not available​
Ushape Tables and chairs arranged in a U-shape, around the presenter 25​ Not available​ Not available​
CustomAvailable with prior approval from conference room coordinators   


Any electrical equipment a person (including an external facilitator) brings, including laptops, power cords and power boards, must be tested and have a current safety tag attached.

The training rooms have the following:

  • lectern microphone
  • 2 x radio microphones (handheld) per training room
  • 2 x lapel microphones per training room
  • data projector with HDMI connection per training room
  • WiFi
  • whiteboard on wall
  • 1 x DEPW conference phone per training room.

The meeting rooms have:

  • electronic whiteboard
  • WiFi.

We encourage you to bring your own laptop, however we can provide one if needed. If you need one, please talk to us as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.


Individual training rooms contain 2 roving (radio) microphones, 2 lapel microphones, and 1 lectern microphone. When multiple rooms are linked, you will have access to all of the relevant lapel and roving microphones available.


There are no phone lines in the meeting rooms. If you require conference call capability, you will need to organise your own mobile connection.


You can book the rooms for a:

  • half day: 8am-12 noon or 1pm-5pm, for a maximum of 4 hours
  • full day: 8am-5pm, for 4-8 hours.

Morning bookings that go past 12 noon or afternoon bookings that start prior to 1pm will be charged for the full-day.

Bookings outside normal hours are by special request only and charges apply.

How to make a booking.


The costs for each room include GST and are current as at June 2018.

RoomHalf dayFull day
Training rooms$405$760
Meeting rooms 2 and 3$110$210
Meeting room 4$150$250

House rules

The reception and foyer area are shared by other departments on Level 17. Please keep noise to a minimum and do not have food or drink in this space.

When using the facilities at 53 Albert Street, do not:

  • consume alcohol on the premises
  • move the operable wall
  • pour anything except water down the drains.

Be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum.


Kitchens are available for catering—but this is your responsibility to organise. You can self-cater or choose an outside caterer.

If you choose outside catering, you must inform the company they are to leave the catering in the room or the kitchen.

Clients MUST ensure the external caterer removes all of their equipment, storage containers and utensils by the end of the event.

No food or drink is allowed in the reception area. Do not use beverage heating equipment, such as urns or coffee makers, as they do not meet the buildings energy efficiency requirements. The caterer must provide all equipment, and all facilities must be left clean or a cleaning fee will apply.

Your caterer must follow all current workplace health and safety regulations, and all their equipment must have a current compliance tag attached and be marked with the owner's contact name and address.

Zip taps are provided.

Image gallery

Meeting room Meeting room 2 training rooms combined 1 training room, set up as a workshop layout