Terms and conditions for room hire

These terms and conditions outline all parties' responsibilities when booking a conference, training, or meeting room.

If something is not covered within the terms and conditions, please contact the Conference Room team via phone (07) 3008 2746 or (07) 3008 2747 or email venues@epw.qld.gov.au.


After making your tentative web booking, a member of the conference room team will review your request. If there are any issues, a member of the Conference Room team will contact you. If all details are correct, you will receive an email confirming your booking. Please check the details thoroughly.

Half-day bookings are up to 4 hours in the following time allocations (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm). Full day bookings are up to 8 hours.

Rooms are available Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm. The Conference Room facilities are closed on weekends and public holidays. Functions held outside these times can be arranged by special request, fees may apply. Please discuss your needs with a Conference Room coordinator.


Invoices will be sent out 5 days prior to the date of your scheduled event. Please make payment withing 24 hours of receipt of invoice via credit card. If you are having difficulties processing the invoice payment, please notify the Conference Room team to make alternate arrangements.

If payment is not received prior to the event, your booking may be cancelled, and the venue made available for other customers.


After receiving a booking confirmation, you can cancel your booking at no cost, providing you give at least 6 business days notice. Please notify the Conference Room team venues@epw.qld.gov.au stating booking number, date and location.

For further information please refer to the user guide.

Pricing policy

The prices quoted are current at the time of booking but are subject to change.

Please make every effort to arrive and vacate the room/s at the times specified on your confirmation email. An hourly rate will apply for events that run over the specified times in the booking.

Room set-up and equipment

Please book any special equipment, such as hot water urns, when making your online booking.

Due to Building and Fire Emergency Regulations and Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) standards, maximum seating capacities cannot be exceeded.

Catering and kitchen facilities

You are welcome to organise catering through a private business, however, this is the responsibility of the event organiser. Alcohol is not permitted on site or in any of the Conference Rooms.

For your convenience, please find a list of local catering options for your event. Feel free to find alternate options if you prefer

Kitchens are available at all venues. If you are catering, you will need to supply your own catering supplies as required - plates, cups, tea, coffee, milk etc

You and the caterer will need to ensure that:

  • the caterer provides all dinnerware and cutlery as needed for the event
  • all catering equipment is marked with the owner's contact name and address
  • all people providing catering comply with current WH&S regulations
  • at the end of the event, food and catering materials are cleared away, so that all areas are left clean and tidy. This includes external caterers returning to collect equipment or food items. If not, a cleaning fee may apply
  • stains on carpet are to be reported to conference room staff immediately for cleaning
  • spills should be cleaned immediately.

There are hot water urns available at our George Street rooms.

Hot and cold taps are provided in each of the training rooms at 53 Albert Street.

For the George Street rooms, catering tables are set up in the foyer areas. 53 Albert Street rooms have catering facilities within the conference rooms.

Damages, loss and security

You are responsible for any loss, damage, or theft from the conference facility for the duration of your booking.

If equipment is damaged or lost, you may be required to pay for the repair or replacement.

Attendees are responsible for the security of their personal belongings.

Metal magnetic strips have been supplied to allow facilitators to display workshop materials. Alternative fixings may damage the wall/paint – repairs will be at the cost of the event organiser.

Risk and indemnity

The organiser (i.e., any person, or other entity together with their agents booking the Department of Energy and Public Works conference facilities) shall be liable for loss or damages, including personal injury (whether or not resulting in death), suffered by the Queensland Government Accommodation Office, its officers, servants or agents, arising from the wilful or negligent acts or omissions of the organiser, its servants, agents, invitees or licensees.

The organiser releases and indemnifies the Department of Energy and Public Works and its officers, servants, and agents from and against all actions which may be brought against any of them by any person arising from:

  • the wilful or negligent acts or omissions of the organiser or any person for whose conduct the organiser is liable
  • any wilful or negligent acts or omissions of the visitors, invitees, or licensees of the organiser
  • injury, death, loss or damage suffered by the organiser or any of its servants, agents, invitees, or licensees except where the death, injury, loss or damage is caused by the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of the Queensland Government Accommodation Office, its officers, servants or agents.