Book, pay for, or cancel a room hire

Our venues operate between 8am and 5pm. Some rooms can be used outside of regular hours—by special request.

Room locations are:

Read the terms and conditions for more detail about your responsibilities.

Make a booking

Once you have confirmed dates, times and numbers for your function, you can make a booking through our online booking system. Please refer to the user guide.

Pay for your event

The invoice will be emailed to you 5 days before your event. Payment is appreciated within 24 hours of invoice receipt, via credit card. If you are having difficulties processing the invoice payment, please notify the Conference Room team.

Cancel a booking

After receiving a booking confirmation, you can cancel your booking at no cost, providing you give at least 6 business days’ notice. If cancelling a booking, please notify the Conference Room team, stating booking number, date, and location.

For further information, please refer to the user guide.

Set up and preparation times

Please check your confirmation email for your facilitator arrival time. One of our friendly conference room team is available to meet the facilitator to ensure they are happy with the room layout and equipment.

Other charges

After-hours events

Functions outside normal working hours (8am to 5pm) are by special request only. After-hours functions require the attendance of a State Government Security (SGS) Officer.

After hours rates are:

  • Security minimum charge for the first 3 hours (from 5pm): $183.30
  • Security hourly rate, after first 4 hours: $61.10
  • After-hours air-conditioning (hourly rate, from 5pm): $56.55

Cleaning charges

Cleaning charges may apply if conference rooms are left untidy.