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Change log

1. June 2017 release notes

21 June

  • Choose the correct Creative Commons licence that applies to content. Licences include:
    • None
    • Attribution CC BY (existing content retain this as the default licence)
    • Attribution, Share Alike CC BY-SA
    • Attribution, No Derivative Works CC BY-ND
    • Attribution, Non-Commercial CC BY-NC
    • Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA
    • Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works, CC BY-NC-ND
  • Drupal webform module updates:
    • Hide submit button
    • Add webform to website IA (note: summary text doesn’t appear on section page; we are working to fix this)
  • Fixes to the website search engine

8 June

  • govCMS update
  • For government website using updated whole-of-government search engine
  • Private pages now appear in the website IA
  • Bug fixes and security updates

2. April 2017 release notes

  • Domain name migrated to www.forgov.qld.gov.au
  • Log in and register function added to home page
  • Table of contents presentation doesn't break when editing page
  • Breadcrumbs now display in consistent SWE styling
  • SWE assets updated to current version
  • Site authors and administrators logged out after 4 hours of inactivity
  • Webform share module
  • Security updates
  • Performance improvements 

3. 2016 release notes

November 2016 release notes

  • Caching applied to some page elements
  • Scheduled publishing enabled for existing content (already possible for new content)
  • Menus enhanced:
    • Draft content will not appear on live site when added to IA.
    • Parent page left navigation menus added to content types from in-page search pages (previously we could only display the top level IA)
    • Collapsible menus added for improved readability and functionality when reordering content
  • Forum module enabled (Contact gov2govsupport@dsiti.qld.gov.au for more information.)
  • Glossary content type updated to collect responsible agency and topic category
  • In-page search created for Queensland State Archives retention and disposal schedules
  • Mandatory message log enabled so authors must note changes when updating content (message will appear on ‘Pins, news and events’ page for users who’ve pinned the page).
  • Pinned page reordering enabled on user dashboard
  • Security updates made and other readability improvements and user enhancements
  • Next review date column added to content dashboard
  • Table of contents available for pages with lots of content
  • Web form module installed (Contact gov2govsupport@dsiti.qld.gov.au for more information.)

October 2016 release notes

  • For government dashboard (based on Google Analytics)
  • Enhancements to whole-of-government news page (content coming soon)
  • Registered users can update their email address if they change department/agency
  • Special characters can now be used when saving an event or news search
  • Author and administration enhancements
  • Security updates

August 2016 release notes

  • Content review reminder emails—authors will be asked to set a review date for all content page types (coming soon).
  • Pinned pages—logged in users will be able to add pages to their Pins and events page for quick access
  • Updates to events calendar display
  • Improved knowledge sharing groups display
  • Refined log in process—users go to their Pins and events page after logging in
  • Other usability and readability improvements and minor bug fixes

July 2016 release notes

  • Released whole-of-government knowledge sharing groups page (content coming soon)
  • Scheduled publishing and un-publishing added to most page types
  • Improvements to the Pins, news and events page
  • Updates to Search for directives, policies, circulars and guidelines
  • Usability improvements to the global customisation aside
  • Disabled sending of emails from test environments to authenticated users
  • New user group to support forums (forums coming soon)
  • Disabled author’s name automatically appearing in the Dublin Core Creator meta tag field
  • Security updates

June 2016 release notes

May 2016 release notes

  • Whole-of-government events functionality now available—contact the gov2gov team for more information.
  • New page types available (Public Service Commission course search).
  • In-page search functionality:
    • results reduced from 50 to 10 (aligns with the single website experience (SWE) requirements).
    • Bug fixes.
  • New SWE compliant form buttons added to WYSIWYG editor.

April 2016 release notes

  • Fixed 'Customise agency' issue affecting Internet Explorer 8 users
  • Disabled password 'autocomplete' 
  • Fixed document search pagination styling 

March 2016 release notes

  • Mandatory govCMS security updates.

February 2016 release notes

  • Caching issues when updating documents hosted on gov2gov have been fixed.
  • FAQ search functionality added to product pages.
  • Authors can now create rotating asides with images on certain pages.
  • Linking to internal HTML pages or documents using LinkIt will work on pages with forked content items.
  • Content in product page tabs will now show in search results.
  • Users accessing secure content will be taken to secure content after registration/login process.
  • Security has been enhanced.

4. 2015 release notes

December 2015 release notes

  • Education email addresses (@eq.edu.au) can now register for Drupal user account access.
  • Customisation include removed from contact pages—HR, finance, mail and facilities.
  • Warning and information boxes can now be added to the top of Product Page types.

November 2015 release notes

  • Restore process flow diagrams to to product outcome pages.
  • The 'Read more' links on the product comparison tables to link correctly through to the About tab on product pages.
  • Reorder title field on product pages.
  • Set mandatory fields and optional fields on product outcome pages.
  • Resolved ongoing issue where progressive disclosure forms were being cut-off by the page footer.
  • H1 and H2 content now display correctly
  • Feature and benefit icon size corrected to display as 50 x 50 pixels
  • Product page thumbnails can now be uploaded so they appear on section/theme index pages
  • Tick icons added to the left of benefits in the comparison table
  • Up to five product columns can be added to the comparison table and fit neatly within the desktop layout.
  • Department and agency name drop-down lists now sort alphabetically as opposed to random
  • Contact tables updated—extensions, fax and other columns removed to fit in the gov2gov 2 column page layout
  • Security to the content management system has been restricted to an allowable IP address list
  • Feature slider added to procurement promotional page
  • Resized image banner—dimensions are now 1314 x 385 pixels—deployed to Queensland Shared Services and procurement pages
  • Up to four links allowed per content item
  • Image upload function added to appear on section page
  • .xls now a publishable file extension
  • Applied correct padding between the heading and definition list on product pages.