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Human Resources

Upcoming superannuation changes

25 Jan 2023

Find out about updates to superannuation contributions for most Queensland Government employees.


QSS end of year closure and cut-off dates

19 Dec 2022

Find out when Queensland Shared Services (QSS) will be closed over Christmas and New Years and how that impacts our processing cut-off dates.


More QSS online forms now available

20 Sep 2022

It’s now easier and faster to submit your requests to Queensland Shared Services (QSS) with more interactive online forms available.


Driving employee engagement all year round

07 Jul 2022

For the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA), capturing employees’ views on their experience of work through the WfQ survey is incredibly important because it helps drive positive workplace change.


No barriers to flexible work for Dan Jarvis

07 Jul 2022

Dan Jarvis, who is profoundly deaf, shares his COVID-19 flexible working story, tips we can all consider, and what he sees as benefits of working flexibly.


Make a splash in your career

07 Jul 2022

Be discovered for your next career opportunity in the Queensland public sector with Talent Now.