Join us for a targeted executive leadership development program for 2023-24, including ANZSOG offerings sponsored by the Chief Executive Leadership Board.

Ongoing development of leadership capability is intrinsic to an ever better public service for Queenslanders.

The Public Sector Commission is pleased to promote the 2023–24 Queensland Public Sector Leadership Development series, featuring leadership development programs delivered in partnership with prominent providers including the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), the Centre for Public Impact, and the NeuroLeadership Institute. ANZSOG offerings are provided on behalf of the Chief Executive Leadership Board.

The series features masterclasses and events presented by leading psychologists, academics and practitioners from domestic and international settings with expertise in public sector management, leadership, neuroscience and innovation.

Most relevant to executive leaders, senior officers, and aspiring senior leaders, the 2023–24 series addresses themes including the future of work, whole-of-government working and system stewardship, performance conversations and feedback, policy capability development, leading for a diverse and inclusive future of work, and more.

Registration is open for the first half of the 2023–24 series which runs from July to December 2023.

ANZSOG 2023 Masterclasses

The Public Sector Commission and Chief Executive Leadership Board have partnered with the Australian and New Zealand School of Government to provide access to an exciting, targeted executive leadership development program for 2023–24.

This series is delivered by ANZSOG and is funded by the Chief Executive Leadership Board.

The future of work – an inclusive and diverse workforce

  • Wednesday 9 August
  • In this masterclass, Professor Leah Ruppanner explores the effects and impacts of technological advancements, social changes, climate challenges, and COVID-19 on the way we work.

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Whole of government working

  • Wednesday 6 September
  • In this masterclass, Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE will explore the tactics used by governments to achieve cross cutting goals between multiple ministries and agencies.

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Re-imagining digitalisation of citizen engagement

  • Thursday 12 October
  • Join Professor Ariadne Vromen as she shares how government can re-engage citizens using practical techniques like digital, generational and participatory trends.

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Leading for gender equality

  • Wednesday 1 November
  • In this masterclass, Professor Michelle Ryan will examine the four common missteps that are made when designing and implementing workplace gender equality initiatives.

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Building policy capability – an infrastructure approach

  • Thursday 7 December
  • In this masterclass, Sally Washington will examine the complex public management challenge of how to build an effective policy infrastructure.

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NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) 2023 Masterclasses

The following masterclasses, delivered in partnership with NLI, are funded by the Public Sector Commission.

The Neuroscience of advocating for others

  • Thursday 17 August
  • Developing a strong sense of equity is essential for nurturing diverse talent within organisations.
  • Join NLI as they offer science-backed strategies and skills to cultivate allyship within organisations

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The Neuroscience of bias

  • Wednesday 13 September
  • This masterclass reveals a fundamental truth: if you have a brain, you have bias.
  • Develop mitigation strategies to counteract these biases and improve the quality of your decisions.

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The Neuroscience of quality performance conversations

  • Wednesday 18 October
  • Join NLI and discover the science-backed techniques for fostering engagement, motivation, and productivity in your interactions.

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The Neuroscience of getting feedback right

  • Wednesday 15 November
  • This masterclass explores the fascinating world of feedback and its impact on learning and growth.
  • Join NLI as they unravel the neuroscience of getting feedback right.

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Centre for Public Impact (CPI) 2023 Masterclasses

The following masterclasses are funded by the Public Sector Commission.

Systems stewardship masterclass

  • Tuesday 3 October
  • Join the Centre for Public Impact and explore the potential of system stewardship to drive positive change.

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Systems stewardship deep dive series

Please note: This series comprises of four distinct 2-hour online workshops which have been funded by the PSC. In registering to attend, you agree to take part in all sessions.

  • Deeply explore concepts relating to system stewardship and discover how to seamlessly integrate these practices into your professional work, unlocking new possibilities for positive impact.
  • Workshop 1 – Tuesday 14 November
  • Workshop 2 – Tuesday 21 November
  • Workshop 3 – Tuesday 28 November
  • Workshop 4 – Tuesday 5 December

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