Publish a news story on For government

Is your story suitable?

To publish on For government, your news story must either:

  • be of interest to all government employees, employees of multiple agencies, or members of a profession across Queensland Government (e.g. procurement)
  • relate to a product or service Queensland Government agencies provide to each other.

How to write your content

When writing your content, it's important you write a meaningful title and summary. This information displays in search results and lets readers scan your content, getting the amount of information they need.

Readers like to choose how much information they consume. Some will be happy with reading the title and summary; others will want to read the full story.


The key message of your news story. It needs to grab the reader's attention. Readers scan titles for keywords that interest them and either read on or move on.

Use a maximum of 30–55 characters (including spaces).


Use neuroscience to make better decisions at work.


The main message of your news story. It should add context and meaning to the title and tell the reader why they should read on. The summary appears on the News page.

Use a maximum of 150 characters (including spaces).


Understanding neuroscience (the default preferences people have) and what drives biases can improve your decisions and leadership in the workplace.


The full news story. It should build on the title and summary answering all the reader's questions. You can include links to more resources and images to support your content.

You'll need an image

Your news story must have a banner image. It needs to be 1630 x 300px in size. If you're unable to source an image, contact the CX Design team at

You can choose to include images within the body of your news story. These can vary in size. You must include alternative text for accessibility, and copyright and conditions of use details.

If you include images of people (e.g. participants at a workshop), you need their consent. Get them to complete a Queensland Government Film and photo consent form (government network access required).

Ready to publish?

If you have publishing rights

Visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the News story content brief. See Matrix manuals and tutorials (log in required) for publishing tips. Once your content brief is approved, publish your story.

If you don't have publishing rights

Use the Submit content to publish on For government form. We'll review your news story, provide editorial advice, and publish it for you.

If you can't use the online form, visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the news story content brief. Email the completed version to

Need help?

If you need advice or have questions, email the CX Design team at