Agency deployment coordinators

The role of the Agency Deployment Coordinator is to provide support to the Agency Key Contact in the development of a Ready Reserve workforce to meet agreed deployment targets with the lead agency for Human and Social Recovery.

Your role

During an activation you will:

  • liaise regularly with the State Recovery Event Management Team to maintain awareness of deployment targets for specific disaster locations
  • work with senior management to consider business continuity pressures with a view to securing line manager release of staff registered and trained for community recovery duties—including longer term release arrangements for identified staff
  • work with senior management to initiate ‘surge’ recruitment activities within the agency to meet Ready Reserve staffing requirements for the disaster—these activities may focus on Brisbane CBD based staff and/or regionally based staff
  • provide regular reports to senior management on the deployment of agency staff and the degree to which deployment targets are being met, and the response to ‘surge’ recruitment activities.

Key functions outside of disaster/storm season:

  • work with senior management in the lead agency for Human and Social Recovery to establish deployment targets to support Queensland communities impacted by disaster
  • work with senior management to identify suitable candidates to be trained to perform key functional community recovery roles during a disaster activation, including workplace trainers and operational managers
  • consider business continuity in the event of disaster activation and likely impacts on your agency’s deployment capabilities and develop strategies to reach deployment targets.

You may work with your agency’s existing Ready Reserve Key Contact, who has a range of responsibilities in non-disaster activation periods, or you may assume a broader role including those duties.

To help complete your agency's ready reserve target please use the Agency's Calculation and Target Template (DOCX, 454.4 KB) .

For more details about the Agency Deployment Coordinator role please refer to the role profile (PDF, 508.2 KB) .

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