Agency key contacts

Agency key contacts play a crucial support role in community recovery. Your role is to attract, retain and manage a Ready Reserve workforce within your agency that can be deployed to assist Community Recovery in a disaster event. Due to the human resources (HR) component of the role, it is preferable that the agency key contact is located within the HR area of your agency.

To perform the role, you need advanced excel skills and communication skills. Your responsibilities include:

  • developing and retaining a Ready Reserve workforce as per the agreed targets within the commitment agreement agreed by your agency
  • promoting the Ready Reserve and recruiting staff from your department to join
  • approving new Ready Reserve member applications, in line with internal processes
    • this process should include liaising with work units to ensure Ready Reserves are suitable for deployment and that business continuity plans are in place to support their availability for deployment when required
  • encouraging Ready Reserves to complete the mandatory training and become deployment ready
  • answering questions about Community Recovery from staff within your agency
  • providing regular information to line managers about their Ready Reserve staff
  • reminding managers to release staff for recovery training and deployments, as required
    • providing regular reports to senior management on Ready Reserve membership and the availability of Ready Reserves to be deployed during disaster events
  • submitting Community Recovery timesheets to payroll for processing in accordance with Critical Incident Directives and provide advice to Ready Reserves on any internal HR requirements for Critical Incident fatigue leave.

You will also need to be familiar with the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and submit any recoupable costs invoices to Community Recovery monthly.

Agency key contact resources


Email: for support with your role.

More information

The Ready Reserve recruitment toolkit helps agency key contacts attract and retain Ready Reserves.