Register to work at a distributed work centre

Complete this form to register your details to work at a distributed work centre (DWC). 

You must answer all the questions to submit this form. 

After you have submitted this form, we will send you the induction pack. A copy of your registration will be emailed to you.

Currently, staff from government-owned corporations and statutory bodies are not eligible to work at a DWC. 
Before applying to work at a DWC, please read the supporting information.
You need to talk to your manager about how you will work at a DWC. Once you have their support, you can submit the registration form.
You need to have your technology requirements ready before you complete your registration. 

About you

Privacy statement

The Department of Housing and Public Works is collecting your personal information for the purpose of understanding the details of staff working and wishing to work at Distributed Work Centres (DWCs) and providing high-level reporting about the use of DWCs (e.g. the number of staff from each department using a DWC). Your personal information may be disclosed to other Queensland Government agencies if the DWC is located in an office other than a Department of Housing and Public Works’ office or location.

Unless otherwise authorised or required by law, your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. Limited personal information may be used for related policy or planning functions.

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