About distributed work centres

A distributed work centre (DWC) is a convenient, accessible and safe workplace option that allows approved users to work closer to their home, alongside employees from various Queensland Government departments.

By opting to work at a DWC you can network and collaborate with other agencies and benefit from a better work/life balance.

DWCs are located in government office space in Ipswich, Robina, Maroochydore, Logan and Cannon Hill.

Each DWC maintains a high standard of hygiene and is regularly cleaned. They have cleaning stations with disinfectant wipes and sprays as well as alcohol-based hand sanitisers so staff can clean their workspace before and after each use. All DWCs observe the physical distancing requirements.

Requirements to register

You need to register to work at a DWC. You must have:

  • a Queensland Government photo ID security pass
  • the support of your manager or supervisor.

Who can apply?

To be eligible, you must be an office-based employee of a Queensland Government department. This includes full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary employees.

Contractors or consultants can register at the discretion of the department, however they:


  • Staff from government-owned corporations and statutory bodies are currently excluded.
  • Anyone conducting private or non-government business.

Could this work for you?

You select which days you work at the DWC, depending on your agreement with your manager and the availability of workstations on your preferred days.

Using a DWC is free of charge to your department, but your agency will need to supply you with the required technology. You'll also need to be able to connect to your department's IT platform to access your email and shared files.

You might be suitable to work at a DWC if you are:

  • self-sufficient and can work autonomously
  • tech savvy and able to manage your own connectivity and technology requirements
  • prepared to network with other participants
  • flexible and interested in trialling alternative ways of working
  • prepared to take part in surveys and data collection exercises
  • willing to act as an advocate to promote the DWC program.

How to register

  1. Talk to your manager
  2. Consider your technology requirements
  3. Submit the registration form
  4. Complete the induction
  5. Start working

Step 1: Talk to your manager

If you think that working from the DWC would suit your role, talk to your manager about how this arrangement might work.

You should discuss:

  • the type of work you do, and how well you can work autonomously
  • how often you should work from the DWC, and which days suit you and your manager
  • the tools and protocols for communication between you and your manager
  • the technology required to enable mobile working
  • any impacts to the cohesion of the work team and how you'll manage this.

Find out more about negotiating flexible work arrangements.

Step 2: Consider your technology requirements

Wi-fi and printing access is based on your agency's level of integration with the Collaborative Workspace ICT Services. Each agency is responsible for DWC user system connectivity.

Users will need to connect to their agency network through the internet using Collaborative Workspace ICT Services Wi-Fi or a data SIM card.

If you have trouble connecting to your agency's network, call your agency's ICT helpdesk. When logging a job with your helpdesk it is important to let them know that DWCs use the same Wi-Fi and printing service as 1 William Street.

DWCs are not equipped with desk phones or computers.

Step 3: Submit the registration form

Once you have your manager's support, complete the registration form.

Step 4: Complete the induction

Once you have been registered to join the DWC, we will email the induction package to you. You must complete this before you can start working at the DWC.

The induction covers:

  • your technology requirements
  • house rules
  • your role in promoting DWCs
  • the location and work environment
  • building emergency training and security swipe card access
  • how to book a workstation.

Step 5: Start working

Once you've registered and done the induction, you're free to use the DWC.

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