2. Agencies' office accommodation planning

2.1 Context

Each agency is responsible for establishing the office accommodation required for the delivery of its services and programs. Agencies should undertake a formal and structured approach to office accommodation planning in order to:

  • ensure that office accommodation demand is accurately forecast in terms of quantity, functionality and timing
  • identify opportunities for office accommodation to better support the strategic direction and business needs of an agency
  • establish plans, programs and budgets to acquire accommodation or make accommodation changes
  • maximise accommodation efficiency and overall savings.
  • The tool that enables agencies to implement this structured approach is the Agency Office Accommodation Plan (AOAP). The AOAP is directly linked to each agency's business plans and service-delivery needs and should be programmed within the timeframes that match the strategic accommodation planning timeframes of EPW (i.e. current year, two to three years out and five years out). The AOAP also assists agencies to develop accommodation cost budgets.