9. Disaster recovery

The Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) undertakes a formal risk-management process and has developed disaster recovery plans for its office buildings as part of its portfolio management responsibilities. If agencies’ office accommodation becomes unusable in whole or in part due to an adverse event, HPW will obtain temporary office accommodation for affected agencies. For HPW to assist agencies in disaster recovery planning, agencies need to supply information about the: 

  • criticality of services 
  • maximum service-reinstatement time 
  • minimum area required or the number of staff to be accommodated 
  • technology requirements. 

Close consultation between affected agencies and HPW is required if such a scenario eventuates. 

Agencies are responsible for developing business-related disaster recovery plans. HPW will assist agencies, on request, to develop these plans and will provide input for office accommodation recovery processes. 

It is recommended that agencies liaise regularly with HPW to discuss service recovery in relation to office accommodation.