About Guideline 1

Guideline 1: Planning is the first of 4 guidelines (Guideline 1: Planning, Guideline 2: 
, Guideline 3: Fitout, and Guideline 4: Occupancy) that support the Office Accommodation Management Framework (OAMF). The OAMF integrates policies, process, activities and guidelines for agencies to: 

  • establish office accommodation needs 
  • acquire and fit out suitable space 
  • use that space effectively
  • manage the accommodation-change (churn) process. 


The purpose of this guideline is to: 

  • demonstrate the relationship between the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) as office accommodation provider, and agencies as office accommodation users, in terms of the planning process 
  • provide best practice advice to agencies to enable them to plan their office accommodation needs effectively 
  • facilitate agencies' contribution to the whole-of-Government office accommodation planning process. 


This guideline encompasses the process of office accommodation planning at individual agency level and at the whole-of-government level. This guideline focuses on assisting agencies to: 

  • forecast changes to office accommodation demand to meet service-delivery change 
  • integrate agencies' office accommodation demand into the whole-of-government strategic office accommodation planning process 
  • identify office accommodation demand and cost as components of the resources required for service delivery. 

This guideline also describes the planning process undertaken by HPW to: 

  • manage its office building assets 
  • developing integrated, whole-of-government office accommodation strategies for the Brisbane CBD and 18 strategically significant regional centres 
  • managing its office accommodation information technology systems. 

Supporting documents for Guideline 1: Planning 

Practice note 

Sample document 

More information 

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