The Queensland Government has released its new Flex-connect framework (Flex-connect).

What does the framework cover?

The framework outlines the Queensland public sector’s commitment to flexible work, and sets out principles that support successful implementation of flexible and hybrid work.

See our new pages, Flexible work for managers and Flexible work for employees for help understanding the organisational value of flexible work, the types of flexible work, and how to discuss flexible work approaches as a team.

Why release a new framework?

The next-generation workforce is looking to align their values and work-life balance expectations with their workplace. The sector needs to empower employees to design and manage sustainable work systems that offer autonomy and choice in determining what forms of flexibility best suit them, their team, their customers and the organisation.

Flexibility is a new currency in the workplace and organisations that intentionally foster flexible work can benefit from better engagement, improved talent acquisition and diversity, business continuity and improve their employer brand.

Flexible work is not just about working from home and it’s not just for office workers – with many options available for frontline workers.

Flex-connect provides information and resources for employees and managers to help guide the development of flexible work approaches and help teams create flexible, collaborative work cultures.

More information

Visit Flexible work to learn more about the Flex-connect framework and the Queensland public sector commitment to agile and flexible work.