Queensland Government employees can now complete a flexible work agreement online. The Public Sector Commission, in partnership with the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group, has digitised and modernised this process.

The online Flexible work agreement from is more efficient, accessible and secure than the previous Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word editions.

It supports a digital first approach and helps employees more easily document their requests. It also makes it much quicker and easier for managers to consider flexible work arrangements. There is no forwarding of emails, printing, signing, or scanning required.

Discuss your options first

The Queensland public sector Flex-connect framework (PDF, 401.9 KB) supports employees to explore flexible work options.

Discuss your options with your manager before you complete the online form. Consider whether your flexible work preferences support the needs of your team and organisation.

Once you’re ready to formalise your agreement, use the online form to submit your request.

Submit and respond to flexible work requests online

Submit your proposed flexible work arrangements, including the type of flexible work, days and hours requested, and the considerations given to the needs of your team and organisation.

After you submit the form, you and your manager will receive an email confirming the request. Your manager’s email will contain a link to respond to the request.

Managers have 21 days to respond. Once they respond, you’ll receive an email with their decision, including any conditions and reasoning.

All form data is private and only available to you and your manager. Once your manager responds with their decision the data is erased.

It is yours and your manager’s responsibility to save or record the request and the decision as per your organisation’s record keeping processes.

You and your manager should regularly review your arrangement and renew your request as needed.

Need to go offline

Don’t worry, we’re keeping the PDF version of the form (PDF, 268.9 KB) if you can’t complete your request online.

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