DWC user testimonials

Read testimonials from distributed work centre users about their experience using the centre

“Working at a Queensland Government distributed work centre has been great. Everyone is really friendly, and I really enjoy not having to commute into Brisbane.”

Carly Oliver, Department of Justice and Attorney General

“The Meadowbrook DWC has given me the ultimate work flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time with my family as I don't have to battle the peak hour traffic twice a day.”

— Alexandra Searancke, Queensland Health

“I was commuting from Palm Beach to Brisbane every day, averaging four hours travel each day. I was exhausted and the travel was taking its toll on my personal life and my mental health, not to mention the family budget! I was approved to work from the Robina DWC just over a year ago. The overall experience has been great, and my commute time has been reduced to half an hour per day. I now get home at a reasonable hour and can help with my family. I'm able to attend parent/teacher meetings without taking an ADO, I can attend sporting activities, I can take the dog for a walk, and I can help with household chores. On a professional level, I can focus on my work and my productivity is higher whilst working at the DWC. The other attendees are professional and extremely respectful. The DWC itself is well maintained and has all the facilities necessary for a pleasant and productive day.”

— Alain de Villiers, Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Two sentences summarise my experience:

  1. DWCs have revolutionised my home/work-life balance.
  2. The set-up process was easy, and the facilities are easy to access.

Thank you for keeping this initiative alive!”

— Gemma Blake, Department of Environment and Science

“My experience working at the Logan DWC has been a great one. The process was quick and easy, and the information supplied was handy, and practical. I now save over two hours commute each day on the two days I work at Logan DWC. Thank you!”

— Faizal Shamim, Department of Justice and Attorney-General

“I've just started using the Maroochydore DWC and I love it!”

— Amena Heathwood, Department of Housing and Public Works

“My experience applying to work at, and working from, the Ipswich DWC is very positive! The application process was very simple and quick. The Ipswich DWC is modern, with a free carpark close by, and currently, plenty of workstations available. Booking a workstation is very easy. There are many workstations with monitors and Wi-Fi is available. The Ipswich office practises good COVID hygiene with regular cleaning and plenty of hand sanitiser/wipes located around the office. Being only a short car drive from home, and by reducing my commute time to Brisbane, my COVID risk is also less. My work life balance has improved giving me improved quality time with family.”

— Howard Simmonds, Department of Housing and Public Works

“DWCs are the best thing that ever happened. They provide the work-life balance people crave. The DWC location allows me to work close to my home rather than lengthy travel to the Brisbane CBD. I hope they become the way of the future for people living regionally.”

— Melissa O Williamson, Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Being able to access and work from the Logan DWC has allowed me to reduce my usual hour-long commute to 10 minutes. I have a more efficient work-life balance and can still undertake all of the work tasks that I would normally do in the city. I am meeting staff from other areas of my department, that I normally wouldn't meet. This benefits me as I have contacts within the department who can assist me with new work challenges.”

— Ross Tyllyer, Department of Transport and Main Roads

“I make use of a nearby distributed work centre for part of my week. I find the opportunity to work closer to home, but away from home, in a 'work oriented environment' is excellent! The facilities are (COVID) cleaned during the day, and hand sanitiser/wipes are supplied. The space is airy and light and it is close to transport – and more importantly good coffee! Interaction with colleagues from different departments is also great. People are happy to be there. I highly recommend working at a DWC. I appreciate both the service offering as well as the opportunity that my organisation has given me to use the facility.”

— Dan Bartlett, Queensland Corrective Services

“Working out of the Logan DWC once a week has been great for my work-life balance. I save time and money by not catching the bus and spend more time with my family as I am travelling less. It has also been great for me to strengthen relationships with other team members who work out of the same DWC.”

— Katie McFadden, Department of Environment and Science

“The DWC is a great place to work! The DWC offers me a secure, quiet and comfortable environment to work in, that is much closer to home.”

— Tamara Hanssen, Department of Transport and Main Roads

“The DWC Logan at Meadowbrook is close to home and provides a great workspace with a comfortable, accessible workstations. The initial training and information on using the DWC ensured that it was a simple process.”

— Bruce Symmans, Resources Safety and Health Queensland

“Working at the Maroochydore DWC is a positive experience for me. The stress and anxiety I felt about work melted away as I settled into the routine of working every second week on the Sunshine Coast. I have become more familiar with the technology of working remotely. The Mike Ahern Building is a fabulous and very accessible workplace in a great location, and it's just 15 minutes from my home at Buderim. I have met some lovely staff from other departments and had a seamless transition to communicating electronically with the rest of my QBuild team.”

— Lisa Edwards, Department of Housing and Public Works

“The Robina DWC is a pleasant and well-organised workplace with substantial desk space, good Wi-Fi and plenty of natural light. It is lovely to meet fellow public servants from other Queensland government departments.”

— Kerry Gibson, Queensland Health

“I really enjoy working from the Meadowbrook/Logan DWC each week. It's a modern, comfortable and well-designed office space with loads of natural light and only five minutes from home. Compared to my one hour each way, public transport commute to the Brisbane city office, the DWC has given me valuable work/home life balance which has benefitted my family too. I would highly recommend working from a DWC.”

— Ian Wicks, Department of Housing and Public Works

“I find greater motivation and energy working at the DWC as a result of the reduction in time spent commuting to and from work. I live about 55 kms from my workplace in the CBD and I commute an average of 3 hours a day (1.5 hours each way) to/from the CBD. Working from the Logan DWC allows me a shorter commute trip of only 30 minutes each way to/from home and the DWC. My work-life balance has also been benefitted since I started to work at the DWC as I get to spend more time with my family because I'm commuting less.”

— Carlos Monge, Department of Transport and Main Roads