Conduct other pre-employment checks

Pre-employment checks provide further information to assist and validate the panel's assessment—helping you get the right person in the job.

Adopt a risk management approach in determining what pre-employment checks are required, depending on the role context and responsibilities. The greater the position of trust the more justified an agency is in screening applicants.

You must inform applicants of employment screening requirements, in accordance with the recruitment and selection directive.

Before to making an adverse decision about a person's suitability to perform duties as a result of information obtained through employment screening, you must give the applicant an opportunity to respond to the information received.

The employment screening directive identifies the minimum requirements.

Serious discipline history

The recruitment and selection directive leaves it to agency discretion as to when to request disclosure of serious discipline history from applicants.

You can require a potential employee to disclose previous history of serious disciplinary action (section 179A of the Public Service Act 2008). A chief executive can ask the chief executive of another department for disciplinary information about a person who is or was a public service employee (section 188B of the Public Service Act 2008).

Where adverse information is taken into account by the panel such that it adversely affects the recommendation for appointment, the information must be put to the applicant for response. Any response from the applicant must be documented and considered by the panel ahead of making their final recommendation.

Declaration of previous serious discipline history (DOCX, 123 KB)

Criminal history checks

Where it is considered necessary, a chief executive may require that a criminal history check is carried out for potential employees. You can undertake a criminal history check in accordance with the Public Service Act 2008, which can include information about a person's criminal history in New Zealand.