Create a selection report

You don't need to print anything if you do your selection report online in Springboard. Find out how below.

If you're the panel chair, you can start a selection report by selecting the job reference number in your Springboard dashboard (access Springboard from the email we sent with your unique link).

In the Selection report field, tell us who to send selection report access to. We'll email a link to the selection report template to them.

If you're the panel chair and you get an email with a link to create a selection report, follow the steps below.

Selecting Next or Previous on any page will retain your work.

Step 1

Confirm your identity by checking the tick box and selecting Next.

Step 2

Enter the date on which the selection panel agreed on the outcome of the selection process.

Enter the details of the panel members including the chair. You can also add a reviewer or endorsee if you want someone who isn't on the panel to approve or reject the report. Select Next.

Step 3

If you moved applicants to the Sent to panel folder, their names will already be selected. If you didn't, you need to select applicants shortlisted by the panel.

Select Show withdrawn applicants to see candidates who were shortlisted but withdrew their application.

Select Next.

Step 4

Choose the selection strategies the panel used to assess candidates from the list, then describe the process of shortlisting and selection that your panel followed. Select Next.

Step 5

This page may take some time to complete. Select Save at the bottom of the page to save your work and return later.

For each shortlisted candidate, indicate whether they are suitable for an order of merit (that is, more than 1 candidate is suitable for appointment).

Selecting Yes will show Overall ranking and Offer of appointment fields. Select View offer of appointment form to display the Appointment Recommendation page. Complete the role and salary details. Select Save.

Select the pre-employment checks you need to complete (see more about pre-employment checks).

Where there is an order of merit, enter a statement comparing the successful candidate against other suitable candidates and key attributes. Use a maximum of 4,000 characters.

In the field, Individual statements against key attributes, enter your overall assessment of the candidate against each selection strategy you used. Use a maximum of 4,000 characters.

Attach relevant attachments and select Next.

Step 6

Preview the selection report by selecting Click here to view the selection report in HTML format.

Carefully check and confirm the panel and delegate email addresses and other details.

Select the checkbox at Confirm the above details and select Finish.


Panel members will be emailed a link to approve or reject the report. The panel member listed in the selection report first will get the email first. Once they have approved it, the next panel member will get the email.

Once all panel members have endorsed the report, it will be sent to the delegate for approval.

You will get an email with a link to track the progress of approvals.

If you receive an email with a link to approve a selection report, follow these steps.

  1. Select the link and confirm your and the role's details.
  2. Select the checkbox, Confirm the above details.
  3. Review the report by selecting Click here to view the selection report in HTML format at the top of the page.
  4. If you answer Yes to the conflict of interest question, a free text field will appear—you must describe the conflict and how you have resolved it (see do I need to disclose and manage a conflict of interest).
  5. Select Approve or Reject to complete your review.

If a panel chair wants to change a selection report after finishing it, you can do this by revoking the report.

  1. Select the Selection Report Summary link in any of the emails you received from Springboard about your selection report.
  2. Select the Revoke Selection Report button in Springboard.
  3. Enter a comment about your actions. If you want approvers to be notified that you're revoking the report, select the checkbox, Send notification to approvers.
  4. Select Revoke to complete the process.
  5. You can immediately relaunch the report to change it. Select Relaunch in the summary window.

After revoking a selection report, the panel chair can relaunch and change it.

  1. Select the Selection Report Summary link in any of the emails you received from Springboard about your selection report.
  2. Select the Relaunch button.
  3. We will email you a new link to the selection report in Springboard.
  4. Select the selection report link in the email to reenter the report.
  5. The report will load at Step 1 above with your previous work saved.
  6. Progress through the report, making your changes and begin the approvals process again.

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