Records management challenge eLearning


What is this?

Discover your recordkeeping responsibilities in this comprehensive eLearning package based on the award-winning City of Sydney Records Challenge.
All employees
Level of expertise
15–20 minutes


eLearning format

Complete the training at your desk in your own time.

Suitable for all employees

Can be used for staff inductions, as a refresher or as part of a wider records management program in your agency.

Streamline employee learning and development

Can be hosted internally on your agency’s e-learning management system.


Apply knowledge in real life scenarios

Consolidate your recordkeeping knowledge and skills in a simulated work situation.

Motivates learning through fun

Uses gamification techniques to encourage course completion.

Realise significance of recordkeeping

Understand the consequences to business processes, service delivery and community outcomes of improper recordkeeping.

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