Disaster preparations for Queensland Government accommodation

These disaster guidelines are for:

  • office accommodation or facilities managers
  • occupants or tenants of buildings that are either owned or leased by QGAO
  • tenants of government employee housing
  • on-site building managers who manage an office accommodation building on behalf of QGAO.

Key contacts

For office accommodation, you need to know if the building your agency occupies is owned or leased by QGAO.

Owned by QGAO

Leased by QGAO

Not sure if owned or leased

If you aren't sure, contact QGAO:

Government employee housing

If you need to evacuate your office

If your agency stands up its Business Continuity Plan and you must evacuate the building, advise your agency's Accommodation Manager (Dept.) who should let QGAO know as soon as possible using the contact details above.

Alternate office space

In the lead up to an event, QGAO will identify vacant office space that could be used. If your agency needs alternate space, contact us on the alternate office accommodation telephone number.

Our Distributed Work Centres (DWC) can be made available for staff or agencies who need an alternate location from their usual workplace or for community recovery work.

Communicating updates

QGAO and our partners will keep your agency's accommodation and leasing managers up to date on issues that may affect your building via email and/or telephone call.

If you have questions, contact your:

  • on-site building manager
  • building services coordinator (BSC) or other on-site representative
  • agency's office accommodation manager.

Inspections and repairs

Where QBuild, is engaged to carry out repairs, they will:

  1. Conduct Rapid Damage Assessments (RDA) on impacted assets as soon as it is safe to do so.
  2. Identify assets that require rectification and arrange for a more detailed Rapid Damage Inspection (RDI) to be completed.
  3. Based on the RDI, develop a prioritised implementation schedule/s with QGAO prioritisation.
  4. Carry out rectification work.

Where possible, QBuild and/or their contractor will notify the occupant in advance if entry is required to determine damage or carry out repair work.

For urgent works for office accommodation where QBuild have not been able contact the occupant, entry may take place without notice.

For government employee housing, if no one is home, QBuild will leave an attendance sticker at the premises to show that they attended the site.

Should QBuild need to urgently enter the government employee house and have not been able to contact the tenant or the departmental leasing manager, entry to premises may take place without notice as per the Residential Tenancies Authority timeframes for entry.

Insurance claims

All standard office accommodation fitouts within the portfolio are insured through the Queensland Government Insurance Fund (QGIF). Any specialised equipment belonging to the occupying agency (e.g. laboratory, workshops, plotters, screens, electronic equipment, computers, monitors, and the like) are excluded and will need to be insured by the occupying agency.

Agencies will be responsible for paying the excess amount on any insurance claims and for managing the claim process through QGIF. The department of Energy and Public Works may manage the claim on behalf of occupying agency in the event of multiple claims across a single site.

Read the Office Accommodation Management Framework for more information.

For government employee housing, QGAO manage insurance for the building, however, tenants will need their own contents insurance to cover personal possessions.

Alternate government employee housing

Should you require alternate living arrangements please contact your department's leasing manager who in turn will seek QGAOs assistance.

Preparing for an event

The following information will help you to stay safe during an event: