Building policies and standards

As well as the Capital Works Management Framework there are other whole-of-government policies relevant to the planning and delivery of government building projects. These policies are each administered by a particular department or agency.

Project Assessment Framework

The Project Assessment Framework provides tools and techniques for assessing projects throughout the project's life cycle.

Building Queensland

Building Queensland provides the Queensland Government with independent, expert advice on major infrastructure.

The agency works closely with all departments, government-owned corporations and statutory authorities to guide better infrastructure decision-making.

Building Queensland has developed a Business Case Development Framework to help government agencies, government-owned corporations and statutory bodies develop infrastructure proposals.

Building and Construction Code of Practice

The Building and Construction Code of Practice encourages the highest ethical standards in all construction-related activities.

The code is a key element of the government's industry-development strategy. It outlines specific principles and standards of behaviour that underpin best practice while promoting positive change in the industry.

Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy

The Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy supports employment opportunities and skills development in Queensland's building and construction industry.

The policy also focuses on increasing the economic independence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders in the industry.

Charter for Local Content

Queensland Government procurement can deliver genuine opportunities for local businesses.

The Queensland Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurement.

The charter and its best practice guidelines are designed to support government agencies to incorporate the principles of the charter into their procurement processes and procedures.

Other policies and guidelines

Find out more about other policies and guidelines that affect the building industry.

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