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Older people

We are committed to the recruitment and retention of older employees as they represent a valuable section of the workforce that provide professional experience, expertise and corporate knowledge.

Actions in the inclusion and diversity strategy specifically relating to older people:

  • promoting greater access to flexible working arrangements through an education campaign and develop an ‘all jobs are flexible’ pilot
  • establishing a web presence to showcase examples of phased retirement arrangements.

As our workforce ages, flexible working arrangements will be of importance to older employees as they move towards retirement. These may include phased retirement, part-time or part-year work, or job sharing. Flexibility is key to recruiting, retaining and maximising the productivity of older employees.


Within the Queensland public sector:

  • the average age of employees is 44 years
  • over a third (37%) are aged over 50 years
  • the average age for retirement has increased from 59.97 in 2005–06 to 61.87 years in 2014–15.

Data also indicates:

  • Queenslanders median age is expected to increase from the current 36 to 38 years in 2021, reaching 43 years by 2056.
  • Queenslanders aged over 65 will increase from 14% in 2011 to 20.8% in 2031 due to declining mortality, ageing baby boomers and declining fertility
  • in 2011, around 937,000 Australian children received child care from a grandparent on a regular basis.