Cast your vote for Queensland’s new State fossil emblem.

It’s time for you to help select our 10th official emblem — Queensland’s new State fossil emblem!

Find out more about the 12 fossils up for nomination.

See what they might have looked like, where they roamed or swam, how big they were, and how long ago they lived. Then make your selection and nominate your favourite.

Did you know that Queensland already has nine official state flags, emblems, and icons? They help unite people and embody pride, patriotism, and passion in our towns, cities, and state. With so many fossils uncovered from our ancient past, this is an exciting opportunity for Queenslanders to help choose the 10th official state emblem.

Encourage your friends and family to nominate too. The more nominations received for your favourite fossil could see it become our new State fossil emblem!

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