Soon, you’ll only need to complete one online form to get your pay started, the Pay commencement form.

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) is combining the Start my pay (offline) PDF form, Commencement PDF form, and the online Start my pay form into one new, single online form.

The Pay commencement form will simplify and streamline the onboarding process for QSS customers, and remove the need for QSS to follow up with agencies to confirm commencement.

When does this take effect?

You can use the online Pay commencement form from Friday 3 February 2023.

QSS payroll will continue to accept the Start my pay (offline) and Commencement PDF forms until Friday 3 March 2023.

From Monday 6 March 2023, QSS Payroll will only accept the online Pay commencement form for getting pay started.

How does this work?

When starting with the Queensland Government, or a new agency within the Queensland Government that involves a change of payroll system (e.g. Transport and Main Roads SAP to Treasury Aurion ACE), the following steps must occur.

1. Your hiring manager must complete an appointment request (currently using My.Appointment).

  • If you’re new to the agency, your hiring manager needs to provide your date of birth (in the My.Appointment form). This allows QSS Payroll set up a shell account and provide you with your payroll number. Your hiring manager can use your payroll number to get you building and systems access granted in preparation for your first day.
  • If your agency uses Aurion ESS Timekeeper or TMR CATS (MyTime), your hiring manager needs to indicate this (in section 6.10 of the My.Appointment form). This helps QSS Payroll provide you with the right system access for your timesheets.
  • Your manager does not need to submit any paperwork via the My.Appointment form. We collect this using the Pay commencement form.

2. On your first day or shortly after, you, or someone on your behalf, must complete the Pay commencement form.

  • If someone is completing this on your behalf, you’ll need to provide them your bank account details. You’ll need to also send written (e.g. email) permission for them to submit these details for you.
  • You or the person submitting the form on your behalf must attach a completed Tax file number declaration form.
  • You may also need to submit a Superannuation standard choice form and copies of your qualifications. See the Before you begin section of the form and speak to your supervisor for help.
  • You will not need to attach a copy of your proof of identity document (e.g. driver licence). Your supervisor needs to sight this, but there’s no need to send us a copy.

Once the form is submitted by you, or the person submitting it on your behalf, Payroll will complete the request and provide you with confirmation they have started your pay.

Visit Pay calendar and cut off times to confirm when you’ll receive your first pay!

Why are we doing this?

We want to make it easier for you to complete transactions with us. Online forms:

  • save you time—no downloading, printing, signing and scanning
  • give you peace of mind— as soon as it’s approved, it’s with the correct QSS team for processing
  • make it easy—only ask for the information we need to complete the request
  • can be accessed consistently—not restricted by mobile device and web browser compatibility
  • are future proof—don’t rely on third-party software for creating and editing
  • help the environment—saving paper and ink.

What PDF form will we convert next?

The next PDF form we’re converting is the Job analysis questionnaire form. This is scheduled for March 2023.