Establish or review a role’s classification level (JEMS)

Establish or review a role's classification level using the Queensland Shared Services (QSS) Job Evaluation Management System (JEMS).

JEMS is a methodology that facilitates unbiased, consistent, and systematic classification of roles across a wide range of occupational groups (e.g. administration, technical, professional) within the Queensland Government.

Trained evaluators use this methodology to determine a role's work value score. This score is then used to give an appropriate classification level for the role within its occupational group.

How does the methodology work?

A work value score is determined by considering the role's required:

  • expertise— the knowledge, skills and experience needed to undertake the role
  • judgement— the complexity of the role's requirements as determined by the organisation's environment and the responsibility to resolve problems
  • accountability— the scope, impact, influence, independence, and authority of the role.

We also consider the position the role reports to, to ensure accountabilities and responsibilities within the hierarchal structure are appropriate.

Who can do this?

If you're unsure whether your agency uses this service or if JEMS is appropriate for your situation, refer to your agency’s policies and guidelines. Find this information on your intranet or check with your HR team. Your HR team may need to approve your request before you submit it to QSS.

When should you do this?

You should request an evaluation if it's:

  • a new permanent or long-term temporary role
  • an existing role that has changed significantly in focus or responsibilities
  • an existing role with duties and responsibilities added or removed
  • an existing role combined with another role to form a new role
  • a role affected by a restructure within an organisational unit.

What you'll need

To establish or review a role's classification level, you need:

  • an approved, current role description—also referred to as a position or job description.
  • a supervisor evaluation ID number or evaluation profile (if known)
  • a benchmark evaluation ID number (if benchmarking)
  • your cost centre number
  • approval from your agency's authorised delegate.

Submit a JEMS request to establish or review a role's classification level. When completing the form, select either:

  • Complete job analysis questionnaire
  • JEMS information (interview only)

Download the form (PDF, 127 KB)

What's the difference?

Complete job analysis questionnaire

You provide all the information and documents we need when you submit the request. We complete the evaluation based on the information you provide.

JEMS information (interview only)

We'll gather all the information for you. We'll interview key stakeholders within your agency that can speak to the requirements of the role.

Submit your request

Email your request to

Complete job analysis questionnaire

Provided we have all the information required, we'll send a standard job evaluation report with a classification level and our reasoning within 10 working days.

JEMS information (interview only)

We'll contact you to arrange an interview and advise what information to bring. The supervisor of the role is normally the person interviewed. We'll discuss deliverables, timeframes, and expected hours of work with you during the interview.

Provided we have all the information required, we'll send a full job evaluation report with a classification level and our reasoning within 10 working days after the interview.

What happens after the evaluation

Once you receive the report, you'll need to contact your agency's HR team. They'll advise the appropriate action you need to take. You may need to:

Do next

Advertise a role
Create or change a position or organisation unit
Apply for higher duties or relieving at level